The Valedictory Elegy
May 19th, 2010
3h22 pm

Makeup Review - L'Oréal Paris' True Match Roller

True Match Roller

Ok, so I can guess what you're thinking; 'A ROLLER foundation applicator?! They were on seriously good shit when they came up with that'.
I admit I was sort of thinking the same when I saw this at the pharmacy yesterday. That and something else along the lines of them being ready to try anything not matter how weird and ridiculous to get sales.

BUT the brand being L'Oréal True Match made me think twice about it. As far as pharmacy makeup brands go, I would say that L'Oréal True Match liquid foundation is my favourite and the one I would recommend to anyone looking for a foundation with good coverage at a fraction of the cost of the bigger brands (MAC, etc) at around 9 dollars a bottle. It also has the best selection of shades in its category to my knowledge. (I had to return L'Oréal's Infallible foundation the other day because the palest shade made me look like a Ganguro).

Feeling adventurous that evening, I decided to try it and find out first hand what that roller thing is all about.
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May 7th, 2010
9h15 am

Happy Birthday Tchaikovsky!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Celebrate here is my favourite Tchaikovsky piece:

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March 29th, 2010
8h53 pm

I know this is like the 3rd post in a day but...



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October 9th, 2009
3h36 pm

When it rains, it pours

Am I the only one who hates to be asked 'How are you?'/'What's up?'/variant? Most of the time I use a noncommittal answer but it doesn't really mean anything in the end does it? When I'm not going well chances are I won't feel like discussing it first thing in the conversation! Besides, anyone and everyone asks 'how are you' and I'm not comfortable discussing how I'm actually feeling with most people who ask. So complicated... ^^;

That aside, bluie2323 has been going through some hard times lately and I really feel for her. I wish I wasn't far away and that I could be physically there for her. I've been feeling angry and sad over it all morning.
I'll just keep sending her happy thoughts and obscene text messages on her cell. Hang in there Bluieberry~! ♥

Also, I've been working on my Tea Guide a little bit. I'll have to find a web host one of these days to actually host it. Of course the simple design I came up with ended up being ridiculously complicated to program. I worked on it for hours and I still can't get the menu to work how I want it to (on Firefox AND IE). I've got a good chunk of text written out though. :D

Speaking of tea, the tea house near work opened a second floor for tea courses. I went to one course there before and it was nice. It was many years ago though. I convinced (granted it was a lot easier than I thought it would be) my roommate to sign-up for their course on pairing food and tea. Hopefully it'll be more than 'black tea: main course, other tea: desert'. XD Probably. They're good, even though they act a bit like elitists sometimes.

It's a long weekend this weekend! I don't really have plans but I do need to go to the mall. I desperately need to find an idea and subsequently materials for my Halloween costume. I still don't really have any event to wear it to except the coffee break thing at work. Sara invited me to some dance at the Laval University (apparently jpop/harajuku/rave/?? themed) but I don't really feel like going. It's probably going to filled with loud techno music and weeaboos. Not really my thing...

I randomly stumbled upon some SIREN game series music and it was good! I then went on a wild hunt for whole soundtracks and was successful! Most of the tracks aren't really easy to listen to unfortunately. It's kind of like a Silent Hill OST; most of the tracks are random noises/babies crying/moans/I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-find-out-what-that-noise-was but some of the tracks are awesome music (usually vocals). If anyone is interested let me know! [CREEPY SIREN SAMPLE MUSIC]
Now, I'm extremely curious to see the actual game. Must find playthroughs on YouTube....

Which reminds me; MY L2 LOVExLOOP OST FINALLY, FINALLY SHIPPED! I never thought I'd live to see the day this CD would get shipped to me. Why was it so hard to get a hold of? I'll never know! I even pre-ordered it MONTHS in advance!! This better be the best soundtrack I have listened to in a long time. If the preview is anything to go by it should be. I also ordered the OP/ED single CD from Lucian Bee's since I couldn't find the long versions anywhere and I wanted the free shipping. Ironically, they shipped them SEPARATELY when I specifically asked them not to. At least they didn't charge me extra for it. I swear the LovexLoop CD is cursed.

Lastly, I FINALLY have in my hot little hands Nippon Ichi's Witch Tale. FINALLY (also) after waiting a ridiculously long time for the US release. I shall put it on top of my equally ridiculously high pile of Games to Play. Emphasis on the ridiculously high.

Oh, and a coworker (the part timer but not the APT...) got the URL to my LJ out of me at work so he's probably sniffing around this blog right now... HIYA THAR FRANKY! WHATCHA DOING HERE?! TRYING TO DIG UP SOME DIRT ON ME AREN'T CHA?! AREN'T CHA?!?!?!
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