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The Valedictory Elegy

In case of emergency: 1) Do NOT panic. 2) Ignore the problem. 3) Do NOT panic.

25 May 1901
About this Journal Fé is Inconsequential Facts Where else is Fé?
This journal is Friends Only. Why? Because freaks are everywhere.

However, if you're NOT a freak, I'll be delighted to add you if you feel we have shared interests.
– fluent in both French and English, French being her mother tongue
– the proud owner of Pacifique, the dilute calico cat who is terrorized by life on a daily basis
– living with her roommateladycrazyjo since June 7th, 2008
– always wearing pink and black
– prone to collecting big, encyclopaedic style books
– a decent seamstress
– a cosplayer and costumer at heart
– secretly amassing romance novels
– happy-go-lucky and easily sidetracked
– known to exaggerate numbers to ridiculous proportions
– a stroke survivor since December 2006
– a dedicated fan of Japanese RPG video games
– spending way too much time reading random articles on Wikipedia for anyone's peace of mind
– covertly sociophobic and phasmophobic
– hiding a dark past you can't find out about
Life lessons about how Fé sees the world (aka stuff you have to figure out for yourself):
a) Expect the unexpected
b) Everybody needs somebody to hate
c) Wherever you will go the insane will follow
d) Do things for yourself because no matter what, someone, somewhere will always disapprove
e) In the end 95% of the people you will encounter in your life won't give a shit
f) Some things just are and there's nothing you can do except accept them and be happy with what you have
g) Happiness is where you can find it not some unattainable perfection
h) You need to be unhappy before you can be happy
i) Letting life carry you solves all the problems trying to plan everything create
NicoNico as Ciel
eSnips as Le ciel rose
DeviantArt as Fechan
Cosplay.com as Fechan
Wikipedia as Fechan (French & English)
Youtube as Moutonlove
Obsessions du jour MMORPG Credits  
– (Vocaloid - Halloween Monster Party Night
– (Vocaloid) MEGURINE LUKA - Last Queen
– (Vocaloid) KAGAMINE Rin & Len- Trick and Treat
– Love Solfege - Ricordi
– Tchaikovsky - Sentimental Waltz

Sudden Light (Rossetti)
Because I could not stop for Death (Emily Dickinson)
I held a Jewel in my fingers (Emily Dickinson)

Will O Wisp (ウィル・オ・ウィスプ)
– Vocaloid
– Persona (RPG)
– Wild Arms (RPG)
– Star Ocean (RPG)
Shaiya :
Adelayde (Lailah, Light Side),
Amaretto (Teos, Dark Side)
Nevicata (Sikyon),
Akakios (Sikyon)
Granado Espada
: Valse-Rose family :
Aldagarde, Ivoire and Adrien
Heart no Kuni no Alice mood theme made by eien_no_kaze.
La Corda D'oro mood theme made by lucathia_rykatu.

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